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Conservatives have a problem with Donald Trump, and they are not satisfied with the nominee’s record as President Trump’s ambassador to China.

Conservative MP Rob Anders said Monday that Trump should have nominated former CEO of Ford, Jim Hackett for the post.

“I think the Chinese government has made it very clear that they want to make sure Jim Hacketts legacy is being preserved,” Anders said.

“Jim Hackett is a well-known American who has been a leader in the auto industry and a great American businessman and it is very unfortunate that the President of the United States has chosen somebody who is known as a business leader, not a business man, and that has been proven to be a failure.”

Hackett was nominated by former President Obama to the post, but lost his re-election bid in 2018.

The Canadian auto industry has struggled with the decline in sales of new vehicles in China, and Hackett has taken aim at that issue in recent years.

In 2015, Hackett wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, urging the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union and saying that China is “one of the most corrupt, inefficient, and ungovernable countries on Earth.”

“If China were a real country, its economy would be thriving and its population would be growing,” Hackett said in the op-al.

“But the Chinese are not a real nation.

They are a virtual nation with virtual leaders, virtual currencies, virtual markets, virtual tax havens, virtual state control, virtual bribery and virtual tax evasion.”

Trump has said he would prefer to have a business partner from Canada, but Anders said the current situation in China makes that unlikely.

“That’s why I think we would be very, very disappointed if we had to pick somebody from Canada to be our ambassador,” he said.

The ambassador’s portfolio would have included international economic development, including trade, energy, technology, education, trade, trade with Asia and the Pacific and foreign aid.

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