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SXL stands for Siemens Intelligent Transmission System, and the company recently revealed that the next generation SXL is now available for ordering on its website.

The company says the new model will offer a range of benefits over the current model, including:The company also claims to have developed an “advanced autonomous driving system,” which will be the backbone of the SXLS in the future.

This system will be able to react quickly to lane changes and will also be able handle traffic situations with an AI-like capability.

The new SXL will offer improved acceleration, up to 40% faster than its predecessor, and will be equipped with new electronics that will be easier to install, says the company.

In addition, the new S XL is expected to offer up to 60% more battery life, which is a significant improvement over the previous generation.

The new S model will also include more interior space for two occupants, which will make it more convenient for people to take to work.

The SX is expected for release in 2020.