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A collection of New York City furniture items and home accessories that have been deemed “inappropriate” for Halloween.

The article includes items such as a coffee table and a fireplace, a wine rack, and a coffee mugs, among others.

The article also features a collection of decorative wall hangings and other decorations from various parts of the home.

The list of items that are deemed “too risqué” include a “lounge chair,” a “cute little dresser,” a couch, and “a beautiful dresser chair.”

A collection of kitchen appliances from the New York Post includes a large refrigerator, a microwave, and two large crock pots.

The items are said to be “too cute.”

Other items include a pair of glasses, a bowl of soup, a large kitchen cupboard, and several dishes.

The Post’s list also includes a “beautiful dining table,” “a dining room table,” and a “gorgeous table with a picture of the White House.”