Machinery Parts Manufacturer

It’s a long, hard slog for anyone who’s worked with machinery: turning a few screws or making a couple of small changes to the machine.

The problem, though, is that every day is a new opportunity to get something wrong, so you start to wonder how many mistakes you can get away with.

Parten has a solution: its robots.

The company’s founder and CEO, Scott Martin, was an electrical engineer before he started working in robotics, so he knew how to find mistakes before they happened.

Parten is looking to make money by teaching people to make things, which is the same reason why it started teaching people how to make robots.

“If you’re not paying people enough to do what you want them to do, they’re not going to spend their time doing it,” Martin told Axios.

“So I wanted to give people a chance to learn and not be punished for not having the knowledge.”

In the past, Martin has focused on the mechanical parts of industrial robots, and parten’s robots are different.

Martin says they’re more like machines than humans, which makes it easier to teach them things like how to set screws and where to turn the motor.

Partens machines will also take a much more patient approach.

Partens’ robots can be programmed to learn how to be flexible, and the company says it can even teach the robots to do basic repairs on a whim.

Partening robots will eventually become part of the industrial supply chain, where they’ll be used in factories that make everything from parts to vacuum cleaners.

“I think robots will be the future of manufacturing, not just manufacturing parts,” Martin said.

“I think there will be robotics in everything.”

Martin hopes to see the robots make the same kind of money as the human-made parts that they’re replacing.

Parted is planning to use the robots in warehouses to train people in the skills they need to be successful in the factory.

For now, though?

It’s all about teaching people.

“People are going to have to do more,” Martin admitted.

“We’ll need to make them smarter.”