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New Jersey Devils forward Alex Killorn says the new gear used by the team will be much different from what was worn during the 2011-12 season.

The team is planning on wearing its new equipment during the NHL All-Star Game, which begins Friday in Toronto.

Killorn said the new equipment will be like “a different language.”

“It takes a while to get used to it,” Killorn told reporters Wednesday.

It’s really a great thing.” “

And it makes it more of a fun game, too, because you’re going to be able to skate, you’re not going to have to wear pads.

It’s really a great thing.”

Killorn was asked about the new pads during the Devils’ morning skate.

It’ll be pretty big.” “

But yeah, the whole team is going to wear them.

It’ll be pretty big.”

Killorns’ teammate Tyler Ennis also wore the pads at the 2011 All-Stars Game.

The New Jersey native said he expects the new pad will be used at the NHL Awards in February.

“I hope they keep wearing them,” Ennis said.

“They’re going on the ice in January and February and the All-Rookie team, and they’re going, ‘Hey, we have to be better.

We have to go out there and get it right.

We gotta change our style.'”

The NHL announced the change in gear during the preseason and during the regular season.

“We wanted to make sure that we’re not getting too far ahead of ourselves,” said Devils head coach Pete DeBoer.

“For sure, it’s a new look.

I’m very proud of our guys.

I think the equipment is going a long way to making them feel comfortable and in control.”

The new pads are available for purchase at the team store and can be found online.

Devils fans can visit the team shop for details.

The Devils are the only NHL team to wear a different helmet for the All and Rookie Teams, with the Chicago Blackhawks wearing a new helmet for their All-American game last month.

New Jersey has also worn a different headgear for the past three years, the Red Wings wearing a black headgear during the 2008-09 season, and the Chicago Bruins wearing a red helmet in 2014.

Killorns said the Devils will wear the same helmet throughout the All, Rookie and All-America Games.