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A new Mazak is now available, and it’s a good deal if you want a machine that’s built from scratch, as well as an attractive price.

Here are the basics about the new machine: the new Mazaks are available in five different configurations: compact, super compact, medium and large.

They come in a range of body styles, from classic black and white to sleek red and white.

The compact configuration, which comes in the red and black colors, is the most affordable option, while the super compact is the highest-end option.

The medium and largest versions are the priciest.

The main difference between the five sizes is the weight: the medium is 6.4kg (14lbs), while the larger is 7.4 kg (18lbs).

They’re all roughly the same in weight, so you’re only really paying for the extra bulk.

Mazaks are generally used in the U.S. and Canada.

The machines are also available in other countries including Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan.

There are a handful of other countries that are not included in the top five models.

Here’s a look at the new compact and super compact Mazaks.

The top five Mazaks, in red and green.

The bottom five Mazak, in blue.

The new Mazakis are available for $1,100.

It’s not as expensive as it looks.

The smaller compact version is a little more expensive at $1.50 per hour.

But the super small version costs $1 a hour.

The bigger compact version, which is only available in Japan, costs $3,000.

It’s hard to find a cheap compact machine, but the small compact model is still a pretty good deal.

The super compact version costs a little less than $3K.

The small version has a top-of-the-line audio system, while both the super and compact models have decent cameras.

The super compact model comes with a rear camera, a power door, and a navigation system.

The compact version comes with an infotainment system, a rearview camera, and the latest Android smartphone OS.

Both models have Bluetooth connectivity, so there’s no need to hook up your iPhone or Android smartphone with your laptop or tablet.

You can also connect the devices via USB.

The big difference between these two models is the price.

The smaller compact model, at $3.99 per hour, is much more affordable than the super Compact, at an all-in-one price of $3 per hour per vehicle.

The larger compact version starts at $4.99.

The new model is $6.99, with two additional upgrades.

It now comes with wireless charging, Bluetooth connectivity and a power-off system.

The newer model, which starts at a higher price of about $5.99 a hour, has a higher-resolution camera and an integrated power door.

The $4 model also has wireless charging and Bluetooth connectivity.

The smallest compact model starts at about $2.99 and the largest model starts around $5 per hour; the small and large models start at $5 a hour and $6 a hour respectively.