Machinery Parts Manufacturer

The parts maker Wacker Motor Parts said Tuesday it is continuing its efforts to rebuild vehicles and other cars after a deadly flood swept through parts-making areas of Texas.

The company’s efforts include sending parts to Texas parts stores to make repairs, said company president and chief executive Brian Wacker.

The company will also send parts to a Houston-area company for installation and other maintenance, he said.

Wacker Motor parts is part of the Texas-based company JDM Products, which is part owned by American Express, according to its website.

The Houston-based manufacturer said in a statement that it is working with JDM on its restoration efforts.JDM Products has been hit hard by floods in the past.

Its Jeep Cherokee, for example, has been washed away by a flood in 2013.

Its Wrangler pickup, the Wrangler Unlimited, is also missing parts after being submerged in an Arkansas flood in 2016.

In February, JDM Parts told The Associated Press it was in the process of installing a new water-resistant roof, windshield and door panel to prevent further flooding.

The parts supplier told the AP it has been working on the project for two years and is on schedule to install the panels by the end of the year.JDMs CEO Tom Jernigan said in February that the company has made significant strides to repair and restore parts, but that its efforts have been hampered by a lack of funding from Congress and the federal government.