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A businessman who was working on a major nuclear deal with Russia’s state nuclear agency when it was struck a year ago said he has lost more than $1m in a botched deal.

“I was always going to sell the nuclear deal to Russia because it would be a profitable deal.

And then, one year ago, I sold it to China,” said the former nuclear engineer, who has never been charged with any crime.”

And the only reason why I lost is because the Russians were never going get what they wanted, and I was never getting anything,” he said.

The $1bn deal to build the world’s first nuclear power plant in China is the largest ever in history, with China’s President Xi Jinping as its chief executive.

But Mr Trump, who took office last month, has been accused of violating US sanctions on China, which could be crippling his chances of winning a second term in 2020.

Mr Trump has repeatedly attacked the nuclear pact, accusing China of being “destabilising” the US and claiming it is not worth the risk.

“If you look at the nuclear agreement, it was a bad deal.

I said, ‘This is a bad idea,'” he told reporters in the Oval Office last month.”

But you know what, the deal will not be bad if you understand what’s going on in China, and what’s happening in Russia.”

China’s President’s visit to the US is one of the longest bilateral visits by an American president to the country.

Mr Kagan, who is also a lawyer, said he had never heard of any criminal charges being brought against Mr Trump.

“My understanding is that the case has been dismissed,” he told Al Jazeera.

“The president is a private citizen, and if he has a criminal case he is not going to comment on it.”

Mr Trump’s visit was not linked to any criminal investigation and he has been a vocal critic of the nuclear accord.

He tweeted last month that the deal with China was “a bad deal for the United States and its workers” and he suggested it would cost jobs and hurt the US economy.

The Trump administration has said the deal would cost $US3.6bn, a figure that was disputed by a senior administration official.

The nuclear deal, which would have seen a combined capacity of 10 GW of electricity from nuclear power, would have generated $US1.4 trillion ($1.6 trillion) in economic benefits over the next 20 years.

But some nuclear experts said the US could have used the money to develop a new generation of reactors and to boost the US energy security.

In a statement, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said it had found “significant problems” with the project, and that “the NRC is reviewing the NRC’s analysis”.

Mr Kannon, who says he has spent more than 100 years working on nuclear power plants, said the decision to scrap the deal was “totally out of character” from the Trump administration.

“You could make a whole lot of money by selling a nuclear deal and making money in the nuclear industry, but the fact is, that the president, who knows nothing about nuclear power or nuclear energy, is just trying to do a favor for a few guys,” he added.

“We will not stand for it.

We will not tolerate it.”