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Part of a garden machinery part was found at a house in the north of Sydney’s western suburbs.

Key points:A Gardening Parts Company found parts from a machine at the house in Glenwell, in the Glenwell areaA spokesperson for the company says the company has not received any complaints about the partsThe company said the parts were made in the US but the company’s website says they have sourced parts from AustraliaThe parts were discovered at the home of Glenwell resident James, who lives in the northern part of the property.

“It’s an amazing thing,” he said.

“You’ve got to have the right mindset when you’re picking up stuff, because you’ve got a machine that’s going to do what it’s supposed to do.”

I’m just so proud of my wife for having this incredible ability to make stuff and to do it on her own.

“Mr James said he and his wife had been working in the garden for the past year and a half and had had the machine for about five years.”

She’s really proud of her work, she works really hard and is very efficient,” he added.”

And we’ve got the machine going all the time.

“Mr Martin said the company had not received complaints about parts.”

Gardening machinery is one of those things that I think everyone is so quick to point fingers at the gardener,” he told, “but it’s a very different machine to other types of equipment.

“There’s a certain level of skill that goes into making these things, it’s just very different to other items.”

But as long as you keep up the maintenance, you’re going to keep on getting your money’s worth.

“He said he was confident his wife would be able to handle the job.”

Our garden is in a beautiful location, we’ve been able to keep it in top condition and maintain it in such a way that the kids and I will be able enjoy it for the rest of our lives,” he explained.”

We’ve been doing a lot of work on it and I think we’ll be doing a little bit more work on the garden in the future.