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You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to have an interest in what you build.

So how does a guy with a bachelor’s degree in welding, a keen eye for detail and an appetite for new ideas, find the time to build a house with the same level of ambition as the likes of a BMW?

Here’s the story behind how a man with a Bachelor of Engineering in welding came up with the idea of a 3-D printer.

It all started in the summer of 2016, when a friend introduced me to a 3D printer he had bought from a local hardware store.

“It was amazing.

It was really, really good.

It looked great,” he says.

I thought, ‘I’d better try this’,” he says, “because I really wanted to build one.

“He began his journey with the help of a friend who works for a local welding company.

“We had an office in the back and a shop in the front. “

The next thing I knew I was working at the office of the owner of the building,” he remembers.

“We had an office in the back and a shop in the front.

It had a lot of furniture and lots of windows.”

He spent months working on the design, but at the end of March the house was complete.

“That was a very difficult and long process,” he explains.

“I had to build two floors, two walls and a ceiling.

I built it in a week.”

“I wanted to give a bit of a different look to the house,” he adds.

“And I wanted to make it as small as possible so it was a lot easier to build.”

To achieve this, he needed a 3DS Max model that was built using ABS plastic.

“You need ABS plastic because the ABS material is more durable and flexible.

But the 3DSMax doesn’t have that.

It doesn’t print at a higher resolution, and the printer is more expensive,” he points out.

“So it’s a very, very expensive option.”

He decided to take it a step further, printing the 3d model in CAD, a tool that has become popular with home builders, but one that he felt had a distinct disadvantage over the CAD system.

“CAD isn’t a very good option for 3D printing, it’s not a very accurate 3D system.

It’s not good for making things out of materials, it doesn’t give a good view of the parts,” he admits.

“But 3DS can.

It can print 3D models out of ABS plastic.”

After months of research and the help from the local hardware company, the designer decided to go for the cheapest option available.

“All the 3ds Max models had ABS plastic in them,” he notes.

“What you need to make a 3d printed house, is a lot less expensive, and cheaper than buying a new house.

I bought this plastic because it was cheaper than building a new one.”

But the process was not easy.

“First of all, I had to put together a few parts, like a wall, ceiling and roof,” he recalls.

“Then I had some plastic sheets to cut them out, and some glue to glue them on.

And then I had all the other pieces I needed to lay them out.

It took me quite a long time to get it done, because I have a lot to learn,” he acknowledges.

“Once it’s all done, it takes a long period of time to make all the parts and then I can build it.”

After the process, the finished product is an impressive, three-dimensional house.

“There is a whole house, a big garage and the back garden, and it’s very spacious,” he concludes.

“This house is my pride and joy.”

Building a house in 3D is much more difficult, because of the fact that the printer requires special tools and is not compatible with a standard printer.

“In order to print a 3dsMax model, you need a printer that’s compatible with 3ds,” he elaborates.

The 3dsmax has an optical sensor, so you can see where it’s printing,” he confirms. “

My printer has a little slot in it, but it’s nothing compared to a normal 3ds printer.

The 3dsmax has an optical sensor, so you can see where it’s printing,” he confirms.

“For me, it was very important that I had the right printer.”

So, in the end, he used a 3DP Max for the entire process.

“As a home builder, you don’t want to go too crazy, but I also wanted to get the 3DP max right,” he confesses.

“When you’re building a house, you have to think about the house and its size.

You need to know what kind of size you want, what kind you want the wall to be.

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