Machinery Parts Manufacturer

A Chinese company has come up with a new way of making parts, and it may just be the solution to some of the most frustrating parts shortages in the world.

The idea is to combine the skills of a skilled assembly line and the raw materials of a manufacturing factory, said Sunil Shoup, president of Shoup Automotive Parts.

It could be a game changer in the manufacturing sector, where supply chains are still fragile.

The company is looking to build a factory in India, which would make parts from Chinese machinery.

It’s not the first time China has made parts in India.

In 2013, the Chinese state-owned China National Offices of Automotive, Electronics and Logistics (CNAMOL) bought a majority stake in Mahindra, which manufactures some of India’s largest vehicles.

But the deal was a cash grab, with the government picking up a majority share of the remaining shares.

The new company,, has a website and a mobile app, which allow customers to buy parts from Shoup’s parts warehouse in Pune, India’s commercial capital.

Its website is not yet operational.

The company, which has operations in 10 countries, has been operating since 2014, Shouters said.

It is now trying to find a partner to invest in India as a manufacturing hub.