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If you are one of the thousands of people who have been living under a rock since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, then you probably don’t know what a garage is.

But for anyone who has lived in a garage, the idea of cleaning and restoring your own car is a great way to relax.

If you have the time and the space, it’s a great place to spend a good amount of time.

However, for most people, getting to do this hobby for free can be an issue.

The good news is that you can get a free workshop from a garage that is very close to home.

For this guide, we will take a look at the best garage repair shops in Singapore and tell you how to get started.


The Garage Guru The garage guru is a shop that specializes in making and selling car parts.

They are all located in Singapore.

This means that you will get the most for your money if you can make a deal with them.

They will take your parts and sell it at a low price.

You can get parts for cars that are not very popular, such as the VW Golf and Jaguar XF, and for those that are a bit more expensive, such in the Audi R8, Porsche Cayenne, Audi TT, BMW i3, BMW M3, Porsche GTI and so on.

You will get a good deal if you buy the parts from them.

So if you are looking to get parts that are more expensive and are only available through a garage guru, look no further.

The garage Guru shop is located in the area around the Kowloon Kowlang Road and is one of Singapore’s top garage repair facilities.


JCB Garage JCB is one the top garage cleaners in Singapore, but it is not your average garage.

It has a lot of specialized equipment to deal with various automotive parts.

The most important equipment is a 3-step process that will clean and replace any damaged parts.

If this is not the case for you, then it’s best to call them directly for a quote.

They can be contacted at 888-8-8900.

The office hours are 10am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

They have a wide range of equipment, so it is advisable to come to work with a friend or family member.

They accept cash, cheques, credit cards and cash-in-transit cards.

JBB also offers a large selection of parts for vehicles and is located near the International Convention Centre.


Alstom Garage Alstam Garage is another garage that specializes and sells a wide variety of automotive parts and is situated near the Kew Gardens shopping complex.

They offer a wide selection of items, so be sure to visit them to make sure that you get what you need.

They also have a good selection of garage cleaning equipment, which you can use to clean your car and also get parts to replace it.

They take your items to the garage and clean them.

The shop is at Alstams Pinnacle Road, Kew Garden, Singapore 3050, and you can call them for a price.


JK Motorsports Garage JK is one one of my favourite car shops in the country, and the shop is very conveniently located just across the road from Kew Motorsport Park.

The car shop is one that is well known for its excellent service and quality parts.

J K Motorsports is located just next to Kew Sports Centre, where the Mercedes Benz E-Class and Porsche Cayman are based.

They even have a special garage where you can buy parts from.

The best part about this shop is that they also sell the best of their own garage cleaners.

It is not recommended to come here to make a purchase from them because they have the best prices and the best service.

They only accept cash.

The phone number for their office is (832) 995-4200.


Auto Salon Garage Auto Salon is a garage repair shop that is located across from the International Centre in Kew Motorsports Park.

They specialize in car parts and are located just in the middle of Kew.

It’s a good location for a garage to set up shop, so the garage is a good place to pick up a lot that is in the garage.

There are many parts that you may want to purchase from the shop.

You should definitely check out the selection of car parts that they have.

The prices are competitive and they also offer a lot to buy.

The parking area is also convenient.

The hours of operation are 10 am to 7 pm, Monday-Friday.

You may be able to make the trip to the shop to pick-up your parts.


G.M. Automotive Parts & Equipment The best place to get a car parts service from a G. M. Automobile Parts & Accessories is a GMC-owned garage in Pekanbaru, near K

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