Machinery Parts Manufacturer

A robot parts supplier in Singapore wants to build one of its own, but it won’t be cheap.

In a video posted online by the company that makes the components for cars, the Singaporean robot parts manufacturer Orion, a robot with wheels and legs, is shown pulling up a trailer with a load of parts to assemble.

The trailer has wheels, a driveable platform, a crane and a wheelbase, and it is powered by batteries and the power of a small solar panel.

“We are the first company to do this, but this is not the only company in the world to do it,” said Orion spokesman Richard Wang, adding that it will use parts from other robots.

“It is our first time to do that and we will be very, very ambitious and build our own factory.”

A video posted by Orion on YouTube shows the company assembling the trailer for the first time, but the trailer has already cost about $30,000, and Orion is looking for the parts to be made in Singapore and Vietnam, with the help of local suppliers.

Orion is hoping to expand its factory to build the trailer in three years, and to export parts to other countries.

The trailer can also be used for other tasks, like moving machinery from one location to another.

The video, which was posted last week, shows Orion moving a hydraulic pump to lift a box.

The company says it has sold 3,500 trailer parts for about $1.5 million, and has more than 4,000 customers.

It says it plans to use the parts in its future production lines, which are expected to be ready by 2025.

For its part, Orion said it is developing a manufacturing plant in China and plans to have it ready in 2018.

“We are developing the plant to build trailer parts in China, which is a very promising and very big market for us,” said Wang.

“I think there are other places that can be used as a manufacturing center for our product.”