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Workers who make parts for cars can be vulnerable to theft, and even death.

The theft rate for parts has been on the rise in recent years, with car parts thieves targeting parts like engine blocks and radiator housings, even if they are manufactured in-house.

In recent years some carmakers have implemented programs to protect workers from the threat of being targeted for theft.

But even with the new policies, it’s still possible for workers to be targeted, and sometimes even killed, according to the Center for Auto Safety, a non-profit that researches vehicle safety.

For example, in a car, a piece of metal can be a potential target, because parts can be taken from the engine block, or even the radiator.

Some parts have even been stolen to make parts used in some of the most popular cars on the road.

In some cases, the thieves have cut a hole in the windshield and then ripped open the metal frame, which can be an even more serious threat.

The Center for Automotive Safety’s Dr. John Oates says this can be particularly dangerous for women and children, because they often carry small children in the back seats of their vehicles.

“It’s really difficult to find out exactly what is happening to these workers and how it could have happened,” he said.

In one case, a car part worker in South Africa, named Thierry, was shot and killed by a car thief.

The car’s owner says he knows the owner, and says Thierrry was trying to protect his business.

Thierrys family has since settled a $1 million lawsuit with the thief.

It is not clear if Thierries death was connected to the theft.

The South African Government says it has stepped up its efforts to combat car theft.

In January, it announced new rules for the sale of parts, which include mandatory reporting of thefts and other serious crimes.

But Oates warns that these measures alone aren’t enough to prevent car thieves.

He says companies must also invest in more aggressive monitoring and training, and in securing more security cameras and other tools to help prevent theft.

He also warns that the thieves are still using some of these tools to take advantage of workers.

“It is still a problem.

They are still taking advantage of these workers,” Oates said.

It’s important for companies to do more to protect their workers, he said, adding that many companies simply don’t have the resources to enforce these new policies.

But many auto parts suppliers are doing their best to make sure that their workers aren’t being targeted.

“They are working with us to implement new security measures, and that includes putting in extra cameras in every factory, which we are doing,” said Michael Krieger, vice president of supply chain for General Motors North America, which has about 30,000 employees in the U.S. and Canada.

“The company is looking at it very carefully.”