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The crane that helped to fix the crane that toppled over on the South Jersey shorelines on Tuesday may be gone, but parts of it are still being assembled.

State officials and the owners of the crane told ABC News that it’s still in the process of being replaced.

It was part of a fleet that was trying to move farm equipment, but a fire destroyed the crane in September.

State fire marshal Kevin Schiavone said that, after the fire, officials asked for a replacement crane and that it was being assembled at a local crane yard.

The owner of the farm where the crane was being used, Andrew O’Neill, said the owner had told them to keep the crane.

But in a letter to the owner, Schiavin said the replacement crane was in fact being assembled by a different company.

“This was a factory crane that had been out of service for about two years,” Schiavillan said.

“So this was a crane we ordered.”ABC News’ Brian Hickey contributed to this report.