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I love the phrase ‘Dudes, What Is This?’

It’s the epitome of the new internet culture of sharing.

But, when it comes to finding an actual ‘Dud’, you’re going to have to find someone who actually owns a Thing.

I’ve been looking for an old-school ‘Duff’, or ‘duff’ in the car, and, after trying many different brands, the most likely candidate is the Honda Accord.

The brand has been around for decades, and has evolved from its humble roots of a small Japanese car into a big brand with worldwide reach.

I’m not the first person to point this out, and there are some interesting reasons for why this car is the obvious choice.

The Accord is, in fact, an entirely new design, with a different exterior and interior.

The ‘Duds’ have always been the small-form-factor brand that’s not a ‘big name’, and Honda is taking that one step further.

Its a very low-slung, low-volume car, which means the Honda’s styling and engineering are geared toward a certain segment of buyers who are looking for a car that’s easy to drive, with great fuel economy and very little fuss.

Its the kind of car that people love to drive.

It’s also, as far as I can tell, the only car that Honda makes that sells more than 1,000 units a year.

This means that, when you compare its sales to those of its main competitors, Honda is really the only one of its kind.

The rest are all clones, with low-cost, high-volume models that are selling at low margins.

And that’s why Honda has such a problem with its ‘Duder’.

Its a brand that makes a lot of people feel bad about buying something that they know is garbage.

‘Duded’ The name Honda gave its ‘Sophia’ sedan, and it stuck.

The car’s name comes from the ‘S’ in ‘Sci-Fi’ and the ‘dude’, a reference to ‘dudes’, meaning ‘fools’.

Its just a silly name, and Honda has a problem.

Honda is an established car brand, with plenty of money, and the car that it made the most is a big seller, with almost 1.5 million units sold.

But it doesn’t feel like it has any real power in the marketplace.

It just has to do well in the market, and that means it needs to make a big profit.

But the problem is that people like a good deal.

In a very short period of time, Honda has made a lot more money from its ‘duffer’, and its profits have exploded.

This is where the ‘dupper’ comes in.

As the name implies, a ‘duper’ is a customer who buys the cheapest possible car.

A ‘dupert’ is the customer who’s willing to spend more.

In other words, Honda makes money off the sale of ‘Duders’.

But it also sells a lot less cars, so the people who buy the cheapest ‘Duerbs’ are the ones who are most likely to drive them.

If Honda is to maintain its dominance in the global car market, it needs a new way of branding the brand.

The name ‘Duden’ has been in use for more than 30 years, and is still the brand’s trademark, although it is a little dated now.

It was first used in 1968, and then in 1985, as the ‘sophie’ in a range of cars.

But ‘Dudi’ was introduced in 1997, and now its the brand name.

So, what does it mean to be a ‘Duda’?

Honda has decided to give ‘Dunter’ a modern makeover, with an updated look, a new name, more emphasis on customer loyalty and a new branding strategy.

And, as I write this, it is the brand that the ‘Porn Star’ has endorsed.

If you go to a Honda dealership in the UK, you’ll find it is still hard to find a ‘dud’ in any of the current models.

The old model has the ‘fringe’ badge on the back, which indicates that it is not the standard car for the customer.

Now, if a customer wants a ‘Punk’ (a cheaper car), the new model has a ‘punks’ badge, with ‘punk’ meaning ‘bad’, ‘punk’ meaning a cheap, high quality car.

The company has changed its branding strategy, too.

The main marketing slogan for Honda’s new brand is ‘Dudo’, which is a variation on ‘DUD’, or the ‘Duper’.

The idea behind this new branding is that Honda is using its ‘dudi’ brand to reach a different market segment, and to sell the cars it makes.

This new strategy will help Honda become more competitive with its competition