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In 2017, the National Institute of Standards and Technology announced it would begin accepting submissions for its next-generation welding machines.

These machines are designed to meet the needs of workers in the oil and gas and construction industries, and they will come with a number of new features to help workers meet their welding requirements.

Here are the most important features and features of the new welding machines:1.

The newest model is the world’s smallest: the M4X is smaller than the M6, M4 and M6X, the last three models of which have already been produced.

These smaller machines can weld steel from 0.25mm to 0.75mm thick.2.

The latest version also offers the ability to weld smaller sizes, such as 0.4mm and 0.5mm.3.

These new machines are capable of making a total of up to 150 kilowatt hours of welding a day, a total that’s nearly a third of the total number of hours welded in 2016.4.

The new models can weld a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, stainless steel with chrome, nickel, bronze, brass and aluminum.

The biggest difference between these machines is that they will use new technology to weld the stainless steel.

The machine has been designed to handle stainless steel for the first time, but the new machine also offers a much wider range of welding materials, such the metal-clad bronze, which is used for the metal panels on the M7 and M8 models.5.

These welders will be able to weld steel to aluminum, titanium, stainless, brass, copper and nickel.6.

The machines have been designed with a higher capacity for the weld process, which means they can produce much higher-grade welds.

These higher-quality welds can be made up to 5% more often.7.

These machine can also weld stainless steel to titanium, brass or nickel.

The welding process takes about three hours, but there are some other features that make this process faster than others.

This is because it takes less time to weld a steel panel than it does to weld an aluminum or bronze panel.8.

The M7, M8, M9 and M10 models have a special welding nozzle that allows for a faster flow of weld gases.9.

The final version of the welding machine is designed to offer better welding speeds, but it still takes about two minutes to weld one panel to a sheet of aluminum.

This speed can be increased to up to two minutes on the new M11, M12 and M13 machines.10.

These models will be made from stainless steel or steel alloy, with a minimum thickness of 0.35mm.

The thicker a machine is, the more efficient it is at welding, but they can also be made to take the shape of an object or a piece of wood.11.

The first of these machines will be available in the third quarter of 2020, but all of the models will have to be produced in the United States.

The manufacturers are hoping to sell their machines in North America by the end of the year.

The latest welding machines will come in three sizes: 0.8mm to 1.0mm, 0.2mm to 2.0 mm and 0