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Parten, the US-based robot maker, says its robots will be able to detect when a human is looking at them and then stop, even if the other robot is nearby.

Parten is developing its autonomous robots for the NHS, the federal government, the private sector and others.

Parten says the robot, which weighs around 10 kilograms, can detect a face and turn to the right or left in a matter of seconds.

It will be the first commercial robot that can work without human supervision, a key requirement in the healthcare sector, which relies heavily on human intervention to operate.

Parteen is also developing a more advanced version of the robots that will have more human-like features, such as facial recognition and voice recognition.

It is working with the US Army and Lockheed Martin on the military version of its robot, called the Lassen, which will be ready for combat in 2025.

In the future, the company says, it plans to expand the range of its robotic applications to include healthcare and manufacturing, among other things.