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The Toyota 4Runner is no stranger to the high-end automotive industry, having earned its place in the lexicon of cars with an array of unique, and oftentimes outrageous, design elements.

The four-door hatchback is also one of the best-selling vehicles in the United States, and it’s been on display at the show for years now, but the automaker is making an effort to make its next generation of the vehicle as familiar as possible.

The first batch of the car will feature an updated front fascia, a new front bumper, and new rear fenders that are all meant to be more stylish and appealing.

But the changes to the 4Runner’s design have a little more to do with the car’s history than the new front fascias.

The new front and rear fascia is meant to better fit the Hyundai 4runner’s long, skinny front bumper and new long front fenders, while also keeping the vehicle’s distinctive styling intact.

The fascia itself, meanwhile, will feature a new design element that is meant as a sort of bumper-stretch for the car, allowing it to stretch more outwardly.

While we don’t know how the new fascia will fit inside the vehicle, it’s also possible that it will stretch further than the existing fascia.

Hyundai also confirmed that the redesigned front bumper will be available in two sizes, with the larger size available with the new infotainment system and the smaller size available as standard.

Hyundai has also confirmed the new rear fascias, which are expected to be available with a variety of exterior options, including a new side grill and grille, new bumpers, new grille trim, and even an LED taillights.

Hyundai is also planning on making some of the 4runner vehicles available with an LED headlights, as it did for the Infiniti Q50.

All of this is going to be an interesting challenge for the automakers designers, as they are likely going to have to design a car that’s visually pleasing to both the buyers and the enthusiasts that the vehicle will appeal to.

This isn’t the first time that Hyundai has introduced a vehicle that was inspired by one of its previous vehicles, as the automaking company did it with the Infini Q60.

It’s also the second time that the automaton has had to change the front fasciac of its vehicles to accommodate some of its upcoming models.

The infotactic rear fasciculations of the Infinity and Q60 have been modified to fit the redesigned 4Runner front fasciculation, but it’s still possible that the car may also use the same fascia elements.

As such, the infotactor has been able to offer the Infusions 4Runner with a wider front fascace that will be offered in two different sizes.

Hyundai will be offering the 4R-G variant of the new 4Runner in the first half of 2020, while the 4S-G model will be the first to arrive in 2021.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about the Hyundai 5Runner.

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