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Part of a larger story: Toros and other high-power electric vehicles have a long history of making mistakes, sometimes even making them worse.

The problem has been compounded by the fact that these cars are increasingly powered by battery technology that uses a lot of lithium.

These batteries can produce a lot more energy than the energy stored in the engine.

In addition, the batteries are often very expensive, so it’s difficult to find an electric vehicle with a lower price tag than a Tesla Model S.

In response, Tesla has been working on a new battery that can last 10 times longer than current batteries, while also delivering far lower energy costs.

In a presentation to investors in March, the company showed off a new type of lithium-ion battery called a “high-performance” lithium-polymer battery that has a higher capacity per watt.

But this new battery doesn’t use the same high-performance technology as the ones Tesla uses to produce its electric cars.

Instead, it uses an advanced form of electrolysis, which creates a more dense lithium-air battery.

The result is a battery that will last 10 to 20 times longer, and that can provide far lower power costs.

Tesla has already introduced a new version of the high-capacity battery in the Model S, but it hasn’t yet gone into production.

The company plans to introduce a new model in 2019.

This article originally appeared on Ars Technic.