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In the Nintendo Direct for Nintendo Switch, the company talked about how they are using the Nintendo Switch as a platform to bring a wide range of experiences to the console.

Nintendo Switch was first announced last year, but it didn’t launch until March.

It was supposed to arrive in March of next year, so the Switch launch is now almost here.

Nintendo has made sure the Switch’s controller will have a variety of different options to choose from.

They’re aiming to offer the best experience possible on the Switch, but that’s also part of why they’re working on this.

For one, the Switch controller is going to be available in a range of colors.

The Switch’s Joy-Con controllers are available in black, white, grey, and red, and there are also two new color options.

Nintendo is aiming to make the Switch a gaming console for everyone.

The Switch controller also comes in a variety.

The Joy-Cons can be used as a controller for games like Pokémon Go, and the Switch Pro Controller for games that are more casual.

But the Joy-CON controllers also come in different colors.

They have different weights, so they can be worn with different gloves.

They can also be used with the JoyCon in their original, red color, and they come with different colors of LEDs that give them different light levels.

All of this comes with a different price tag for the JoyCons.

The Pro Controller comes with 32GB of storage, and it’s going to cost you around $400.

But if you’re not looking for a controller with a lot of storage or an RGB LED light, then the Pro Controller will cost you $100 more.

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller comes in different color options, and all of the ones that you can buy right now have the same RGB LED lights.

If you want the best controllers, you should look into the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller, which costs $400 and comes in black and white.

That controller has 32GB storage, so it’ll cost you about $400 in the US.

It comes with the same number of colors, but its RGB LED is different.