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The best parts for your car can be a costly investment, and you’re often stuck paying for them on a regular basis.

Here are the best and most efficient parts to save you money, while making your life easier.


Exhaust manifolds for the rear wheel bearings.

Most people have heard of exhaust manifolds.

They are used for replacing worn or damaged exhaust pipes.

The most common type is the 3-inch diameter.

If you’re using a car with a 2.5-inch exhaust, you may want to consider a 3- or 4-inch piece, depending on the type of car.

The exhaust manifold is usually the first item on your list of repairs, but it’s a good idea to start with the smaller one.

They’re easier to install and they make a good fit for the bearings.


Brake calipers and calipers for the steering wheel bearings (optional).

Brake pads are the most common component used in the steering wheels.

But if you’re going to replace the bearings yourself, you’ll want to make sure that the brake calipers fit properly.

The brake caliper is located under the wheel, and is typically made of a soft material.

If the brake pads are too short, the caliper will rub against the wheel.


Exterior panels.

Externally, you want to look for parts that are easy to cut and remove.

This includes the front and rear bumpers, the hood, the grille and the bumper trim.

You also want to check out the front doors, doors, the dashboard and the door panels, which are often painted bright red.


Engine oil and coolant lines.

If your car has an engine oil filter, you probably want to take care of it as well.

The filter will drain into the radiator and cool your engine.

If it leaks, the filter can cause a lot of wear and tear.


Torque converter and transmission parts.

You can’t use the right parts for every job, but they can help you save money.

If there’s a transmission fluid or clutch, you can save money by replacing it.

If a transmission is oil-in-water or oil-out, you might need to replace a clutch fluid.

The oil and fluid are normally a part of a transmission, so check them out first.


Headlight and taillight parts.

These are usually used on high-end cars and are very costly.

You might want to upgrade your headlight to a better one to get a better deal.

If those are still on, you need to check for damage and replace them.


Brakes, belts, belts and shocks.

If everything is properly maintained, you should never need to buy a new set of brakes or belts.

Most of the time, you won’t need to install new ones.

But the brakes and belts you might use often need to be replaced.

Replace the brakes or the belts every few years or if needed, every few months.



The suspension of your vehicle can make a big difference in your driving experience.

If not replaced, you could spend a lot more money.

Most shocks and springs are made of metal, and a cheap one will usually be too stiff to handle the rigors of a ride.

If all your suspension is metal, you’re better off buying quality, strong shocks or springs, which will take the strain of the ride.


Front brake rotors and shock springs.

If these are still in place, replace them regularly, and if you still need to drive, do it with a new rear rotor.

If they’re not in the car, you don’t need a replacement.

You should replace them every three to five years or whenever they become loose or cracked.



A few years ago, the average American car cost around $1,000 to replace each year.

If that’s a lot, you have to keep it up.

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